Jerry's parents are monsters and they raised a more frightening monster.

Struggle Session Weekly Update | 08/16-08/22

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve been reading Jerusalem along with Jack and I on The Alan Moore Podcast.

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Seinfeld Morality Tier Ranking

I did a Seinfeld birthday celebration stream yesterday and between episodes, we ranked the characters by morality.

After much deliberation here are the definitive rankings:

The results demonstrate the Leslie Lee III Rule of Sitcoms:

“The good sitcoms acknowledge that their main characters are bad, the okay to mediocre ones do so occasionally, the bad ones never do.”

Jerry and Elaine are abysmal human beings who gleefully wreck the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to come into their path. Given Jerry’s parents, it’s no wonder he ended up like this.

George, in spite of the constant intervention by Frank and Estelle, was ruined by his friendship with Jerry. Note: the delusive “Art Vandelay” backstory, which is a manifestation of George’s innermost dreams, involves George and Jerry going their separate ways after high school.

Check out the clip of the stream and let me know if you’d go to bat for Kramer, or if you think Puddy’s religiosity should bump him down a peg.


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Emma wants to talk to you about Odd Taxi

Anime correspondent Emma Bowers has a new video up about Odd Taxi. Check it out and Emma’s new Hyenas and Gin Patreon page:

Understanding Afghanistan with Katie Halper

Check out this must-watch, unflinching interview Katie Halper did with Mike Prysner vet turned anti-war activist of The Empire Files with Abby Martin. It’s a tremendous counterpoint to the warmongering and excuse-making dominating the vast majority of this conversation.

The Witcher is Good

I had almost forgotten how good The Witcher books are. A lone warrior hunting legendary monsters is a great concept for a fantasy series, but the execution is what makes these books so special. Each story is philosophical, satirical, and very political.

Andrej Sapkowski (who receives an excellent English translation), follows the Roddenberry school of storytelling where every new adventure forces Gertalt into a decision with huge ethical, political, and moral implications and no clear answer. It’s no surprise that quite often he chooses to do nothing. This line is featured in the first episode of The Witcher Netflix show was featured in the trailer for The Witcher III, but it first appears near-verbatim in The Last Wish. Highly recommend.

Uniting the Art and the Artist

This image is courtesy Karlo of Podside Picnic listing where SFWA members stood on the War in Vietnam. On this occasion, the personal politics of the artists seen to speak volumes about their quality of art.


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